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Timeshares are one of the worst investments you can make. This journal is to inform people who are thinking about purchasing a timeshare not to do so and help those trying to get rid of their timeshare.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Trainshares - an idea as bad as timeshares

If you like train travel, there are a lot of different and exciting vacations that you can take in the US and around the world while travelling by train. What's a good way to take this exciting experience and force you into paying for it for life? Why none other than trainshares! (timeshare for trains)

Ride a train once a year and pay for the rest of your life. Prices range from $3970 to $6670 per person for the simplest package, and then add on yearly variable maintenance fees which pay for car operations, planning, management, the Association Administration and other costs. Add to that something called all-inclusive fees which pay for variable and consumable costs like the engine to pull the cars, housekeeping, food, crew and activities. Then, trainshare owners are expected to also pay for personal costs such as beverages and services. There are surcharges and other fee too.

Wow! You really have to pay extra for the engine to pull the train? -- M. Beddingfield

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