Timeshare Trap

Timeshares are one of the worst investments you can make. This journal is to inform people who are thinking about purchasing a timeshare not to do so and help those trying to get rid of their timeshare.

Monday, November 24, 2008

ABC News Timeshare Video

ABC news did an accurate piece on timeshares and the troubles that they can cause called Timeshare, Beware! That is putting it mildly in our opinion.

With over 4.7 million people owning a timeshare, a lot of them are going to be finding out the downside of not being able to sell them with the growing economic crisis.

One special note: the video mentions that when you inherit your parents stuff upon their death, if they have a timeshare it will go to you. This is true, but you don't have to accept it. You can refuse it as part of the inheritance and you are smart to do so.

ABC Timeshare Video

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