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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Fairfield Resorts: A Consumer Alert from a Former Employee

This Associated Content writer calls the methods of Fairfield Resorts so hideous that they wanted to pass their experiences on to warn anyone who might have contact with Fairfield Resorts in the future. They go on to describe the techniques that are used to get you to attend a sales presentation, including strong arm persuasion and iron clad contracts. If you take advantage of a free trip with a free hotel and say no to the salesperson, the company has been known to kick you out of the room and leave you stranded. They also talk about phone marketing and mail marketing from Fairfield Resorts.

They end by saying, “Stay away from Fairfield Resorts and do not let the special deals entice you to make a visit. It is not worth your time and the place is as bad as it sounds.”

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