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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When Is A Timeshare Worth $1.4 Million? - Never

Our Comments: First, let's give credit where credit is due - the press release plainly states that timeshares are a lousy investment in the first line. What we don't like about it is that it then tries to associate $1.4 million in golf tournament wins as a direct result of owning a timeshare (read: it's a lousy investment, but maybe it will make your kid a great golfer so it is a good investment). We see several problems with this:

1. The parents didn't get the $1.4 - their son did. They are stuck with a timeshare that probably has lost them a lot of money.

2. Being a pro golfer has nothing to do with owning a timeshare

3. If you believe it does, the odds of becoming a pro golfer because of owning a timeshare are worse that winning the lottery and a lottery ticket only costs $1 while a timeshare costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Luke Donald won because he practiced hard, not because of a timeshare. This "good feeling" association is standard timeshare practice because timeshares are hard to sell on their own merits - why else would timeshares have to make such a illogical leap to attract your interest?


"Timeshares may be a great way to vacation, but they rarely turn out to be a good investment for financial return. However the parents of PGA Tour winner, Luke Donald, might justifiably think otherwise.

The twenty-eight-year-old golfer has two PGA Tour wins to his name, the 2002 Southern Farm Bureau Classic, and as of last week, The Honda Classic. His win resume also includes the 2004 Scandinavian Masters, the 2004 Omega European Masters, and the 2004 WGC World Cup. The last week of March approaches, and Donald has already racked up a cool $1.4 million in earning from this year’s US PGA Tour play alone.

But young Luke, could have been a budding cricket or rugby star, had it not been for the fact that his parents purchased a timeshare. The family’s timeshare in southern Spain offered free golfing privileges on the resort course, so Luke, then eight years old, picked up a driver and the rest, as they say, is history..." Entire Press Release


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