Timeshare Trap

Timeshares are one of the worst investments you can make. This journal is to inform people who are thinking about purchasing a timeshare not to do so and help those trying to get rid of their timeshare.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Timeshare Scammed In Vegas

Our Comments A typical timeshare strategy - hook you in with an offer of some supposedly great "free" deal which ends up not being so great plus you have a timeshare you can't get rid of. From one of our readers...


"I was in Vegas when we got scammed by the high pressure sale tactics - was promised 2 free cruises with purchase of time share - was promised we could rent out the property and make enough profit to pay for years costs - was told property would increase in value ever year and if we wanted to sell would be no problem as there are hundreds of buyers out there...

REALITY. The cruise was free if you paid for all fees associated with the cruise - these fees are higher than if you just booked the cruise yourself. No one wants to buy our timeshare. It's been listed for 12 months not and not even a buyer offer has been made. It takes a lot of advertising and months of planning (general two years if you want to rent it out). I will never invest in a time share again." - BB


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