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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bahrain To Regulate Timeshares

Our Comments: We applaud Bahrain for taking the step to regulate timeshares even before any timeshare units have been built in their country and hope they disregard the wishes of those in the timeshare industry that think they should keep the regulations the same as the international community. We hope that they will make them much stricter in favor of the consumer rather than the timeshare builders.

While the regulation is a good first step, we ahve concern that the article is already referring to timeshares as an "investment" - something that should always make you turn and run for the hills as quickly as possible.


A new law regulating the sale of timeshare properties in Bahrain has been proposed by a group of MPs.

The move follows some alleged incidents by Bahrainis who purchased properties that did not exist.

The MPs say that the sale of apartments, villas, chalets and hotel rooms within and outside of Bahrain should be regulated under clear laws...

Under the proposal, the contracts would have to be filed with a government body and the laws would clearly state the rights of buyers to use and rent property...

Timeshare properties allow investors to own properties for one or more months a year for a certain period of time.

It can be a cheap way for them to spend their holidays or the properties can be rented out for extra income.

"There are no timeshare properties at all in Bahrain so a law regulating it could open up a huge industry," he said... Full Article


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