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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Penny Pincher Award Goes To Timeshare Presentation Man

While we don't recommend this as a way to save money on your travels, apparently it can be done. The winner for the 2006 Penny Pincher award for the Washington Post columnist Michelle Singletary went to a man that saves money on their trips by going to Timeshare presentations:

...Finally, first place goes to Tom Hagaman of Denver. He was nominated by his wife of two years, Emily, who says that her husband deserves top honor for insisting they cut costs on vacation trips around Colorado by going to time-share presentations.

"His money-saving idea has turned into my own private hell," Hagaman said. "We've had plenty of discounted dinners. We've gotten enough hot-springs passes, gas coupons, ski discounts and buy-one-get-one-free dinners to tide you over for a lifetime."

Hagaman said she's had enough.

"Now, I'm in love with my husband," she wrote, "I wouldn't have married him if this penny-pinching idea was so awful, but I'm on the edge. I want a real, luxury, non-camping (which we do often, like most Coloradoans), no shared hotel room with my 8-year-old stepson, exotic, tropical or foreign, non-couponed dinner, room-service offered, vacation. Please send help as soon as you can. I'll be here, hoping the next time-share offer gets lost in the mail."

Many penny pinchers extol the value of signing up for time-share presentations just for free accommodations or prizes or both. But some good things can be taken too far... Entire Article


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