Timeshare Trap

Timeshares are one of the worst investments you can make. This journal is to inform people who are thinking about purchasing a timeshare not to do so and help those trying to get rid of their timeshare.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Timeshare Forum

I've been getting an increasing number of emails asking for help and information on their timeshare units and getting rid of them, many of which have been similar. I have therefore set up a Timeshare Forum where you can post these questions and I can (and others) answer questions and provide information that should help many more people (I assume if a few people are asking, there are a lot more who are wondering).

Since it is brand new, there isn't much at this point, but I will be adding to it hopefully on a daily basis and will answer any questions within 24 hours that are posted there. There currently isn't much of a support group for those that have had bad experiences with timeshare units and there should be.

I also hope that those that have had experience in the past will share your experiences (both bad and good) in selling your timeshares to help others out.


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