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Friday, July 14, 2006

Malta Cracks Down On Timeshare Sales People

Our Comments: A big hand to the country of Malta that is cracking down on timeshare salespeople that are ruining the vacations of people with timeshare sales tactics.


Too many incidents of tourists being confronted in the street while on holiday in Malta has led to the Maltese authorities taking action against the timeshare companies who employ sales staff to seek out possible visiting buyers.

Complaints have risen in recent years from holidaymakers who have had their time on the island spoiled by being approached on a daily basis to attend presentations - that can last up to four hours - in the hope that some will buy into holiday property ownership and timeshares...

And in a clever move designed to enforce the legislation effectively, the Malta Tourist Authority are being paid around 3000 Euros for each rep the timeshare companies employ for a bond that will allow them to work in a regulated way.

Instead of waiting to take each incident through the courts the MTA will be fining the companies found breaking the rules and taking the money out of the deposited bond money, with the timeshare companies having to make it up immediately to the required amount...Entire Article


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